Drum Dollies

Move drums with ease. These dollies has four swivel polyolefin wheels. A 2.5" lip stops drums from sliding off the dollie. Works well with either poly, metal, or fiber drums. FDA approved, UV protected, and rust proof. Made to allow for years of abuse. Six colors available for color coding. 600 lb. load capacity. Color Options: Blue, Black are the only colors we can offer at this time. Green, Natural (white), Red, or Yellow are unavailable until further notice. The 5 gal and 35 gal sizes have been discontinued.

Spec. Sheet for all Dollies

Part #              Diameter     Ht.        Weight

D-12-5             11.5"          6.5"        8 lbs* This size has been discontinued

D-17-15           16.5"          6.5"        9 lbs.

D-18-20           18.5"          6.5"       11 lbs.

D-20-30           20.5"          6.5"       13 lbs.

D-21-35           21.5"          6.5"       14 lbs* This size has been discontinued

D-24-55           24.5"          6.5"       15 lbs.

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